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Developing Immigration
& Border control

What if there was a smarter system that enabled governments and airports to improve security checks whilst reducing immigration time significantly?

Click to learn about our customisable system that manages processes from visa issuing to boarder control.

Smart Airport

Improves the security and customer experience of daily travelers with new, smart airport solutions.

Improves the security and customer experience of daily travelers with new, smart airport solutions.

Payment Gateway

One smart solution to help government entities, individuals and businesses enable multiple payment channels and automate reconciliations and payouts.

Learn more about our fully-secured e-wallet, payment gateway.

Smart Couriers

The ‘smart way’ for businesses and individuals
to send and receive parcels.

Learn how we use the latest technology to ensure the best reliability, flexibility and safety when it comes moving items.

Real Estate

Supporting governments in controlling their local real estate market with the use of blockchain. By connecting all stakeholders in a single online portal, we ensure everybody has the same information about registration, regulation and investment opportunities.


Working with the Department of Economic Development our aim is to develop major, strategic digital projects on various levels from government
to business, business to business or business to the public. Learn how we can create a smart vision to support your next government project.

Smart Navigation

Get realtime position details of users for indoor deployment, in the context of a building, such as Airport or Shopping Mall etc. and help the user navigate indoor.

Our D.N.A.

emaratech proudly partners with governments and technology suppliers to create new entities that develop innovative solutions on a partnership level. Once the client is comfortable and satisfied with their solution, full ownership can be handed over.




Border Control

e-Payments and
Economic Solutions

Online Real-estate




We believe in long-term partnerships were we support you with knowledge and technology to achieve the best results.
We do this through our subsidiaries.

A comprehensive, technologically advanced payment gateway system that provides complete automated collections, reconciliation and settlement services.

More than a courier company, Zajel embeds itself seamlessly into a business’ logistical processes, offering an invaluable service.

A joint venture between emaratech and the Department of Economic Development of Dubai, with a mission to develop strategic, big scale digital projects and digital ecosystem solutions on G2B, B2B and B2C levels.

A world-class real estate product registered in 17 countries, providing models focused on application solutions and managed services.

HADI Software that will engage the user by providing location based content, such as ads or promotions material. It will also provide a dashboard for content management.

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